Our Manufacturing capacities

Our manufacturing plant allows us to offer you this direct sales service and makes us stand out from our competitors.


Our manufacturing plan provides its customers with a variety of products and services such as :


We have various tools for cutting lumber. For orders requiring PET, we have a Holtec precision crosscut saw. We are also able to do precision trimming for various species of wood.

Custom Transformation

Most of our operations are related to secondary wood manufacturing (remanufactured lumber). Whether it’s on the industrial side or we’re preparing various components for wood pallets, wooden drums or interior/exterior coating, we are able to meet our clients’ needs and special requests. We are specialized in whitewashing and other transformations of white pine as well.


Whether your lumber is green or air-dried, we can kiln dry it to your desired humidity level. We are also licensed to pasteurize and sterilize wood to certify it Heat Treated (HT). This process is often required for wood that is intended for export.

Lumber Classification

We are qualified to grade softwood and hardwood lumber. When required, we can prepare labels based on the content of each lumber package.

Storage & Container loading

We offer a full service package, including storage and loading. We give our customers access to interior or exterior storage space as well as offer a loading area for trucks and containers. We are also able to package wood to meet export standards.

Certification Program

This official program makes it possible to export of wood products to countries that require heat treatment as a phytosanitary measure. Wood that is heat-treated in accordance with this certifi cation is also considered a source of certified wood for product components under the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP).

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