Thanks to our team conveniently located from coast to coast, as well as our privileged contacts with important suppliers, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the market in just a few minutes.


Tough markets inspire entrepreneurial drive.

Over the last years, our logistics and sales teams have developed a solid expertise in the export market. We now deliver across the globe and we are looking forward to helping your business in spanning overseas.

Market where we currently export lumber are as follows:

Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, China, Japan

North American Distribution centers

Just-In-Time delivery. Thanks to our distribution centers strategically located across North America, we are able to provide flexible inventory management and ensure on-time delivery, regardless of where you are located or what you are looking for.

Buffalo, Amherst, Montreal, Concord, Edmonton, Vancouver, Monson

Rail Car Tracing

Keep track of your wood, from the sawmill to you. Use CWP Rail Car Tracing to track your loads and help you manage logistic with your partners.

Please contact your trader to have access to our tracing service.

Vendor managed inventory

We can manage customers inventory needs by storing all lengths, trims, dimensions and grades directly in their yards and then, invoice and replenish as they consume. This will reduce waiting time and provide customers with exactly what they need, when they need. Call us for more information.

Request a quote 514 871-2120

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